AGES 4-6


What I Do

Pre-K Pre-Code is an after school enrichment program in the Bethany neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.  I am dedicated to teaching the basic concepts used by computer programmers to children ages 4-6, through games and exercises in fun, authentic and creative ways.   Sessions are 45 minutes long.  Classes are limited to 6 children with 1 facilitator and 1 aide. 

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide 4-6 year olds with the guidance and resources to explore the world of coding and creativity. 

Why Coding Concepts at Such a Young Age?

I believe that coding is the new literacy, quickly becoming as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.  Introducing early learners to concepts such as algorithms and debugging lends itself to strengthening problem solving skills, encourages collaboration and nurtures creativity.

Upcoming Sessions

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Fun and Engaging Curriculum

Pre-K Pre-Code is an after school enrichment program for 4-6 year olds, designed to teach basic concepts utilized in programming, such as planning, sequencing, logical reasoning, predicting, debugging, loops and functions.  All activities are off-screen and highly engaging.  The children learn not just coding concepts, but critical skills in communication, dexterity, mathematics, perseverance and creativity.  Maximum number of students per group = 4!

Exciting Materials

I have scoured the early childhood coding toys and games industry and curated what I believe to be the best non-screen materials for teaching very young minds the basic concepts of coding.  We will also be learning through activities that require only our imaginations. Please click below to see a sampling of the materials used by Pre-K Pre-Code.

Caring and Knowledgable Facilitator

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